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A hypocritical obnoxious woman who attempts to get attention by insulting and being rude to people in the media. She is now famous for appearing on This Morning to debate on issues that the public do not give a shit about (e.g. had a debate on whether babies should be given individual tickets at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and whether tattoos should be illegal or not)
KATIE HOPKINS: I don't like fat people, Scottish people, ginger-haired people, Lily Allen, people on the Apprentice, Celebrity Big Brother and many more things!

MAN: Pot, kettle, black. Nobody gives a shit about you, you fucking hypocrit
by Anoymous Guest April 18, 2015
The act of a fatuous fool trying (and failing) to say something profound and expecting applause, only to hear a uniformed silence - making the person look, rightfully, like an idiot.
Chancellor of the Exchequer: "I've got a speech tomorrow on tax reform. I hope it doesn't go all 'katie hopkins' on me."
by tels mibson January 28, 2011
A person who appears on television and radio and says controversial things in hope for attention.

Luckily the public couldn't give a shit.
One day Katie Hopkins appeared on TV, but no one cared. THE END
Extract from the book ¨A Life of Insignificance¨ by I Dontgivashit.
by Maestoso Fix July 31, 2011
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