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proper n. A professional comic and media gadfly. An all-around kickass dame of ingenious, rapid-fire wit. Reknowned for having the nerve to mock celebrities and slaughter all the sacred cows of mainstream pop culture. Brassy, sassy, classy and sarcassy.
Mandy: Kathy Griffin is the shizznit.
by Dovetchka December 25, 2005
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red haired and irish catholic ,kathy griffin is a d-list,hilarious female comedian who cracks jokes about a- list celebrities. she also stars in bravo tv's Kathy Griffin,my life on the d-list.
"im sorry i actually shocked...prisoner?-Kathy Griffin performing at a prison
by Saraiyu August 01, 2007
1.One of the funniest comics in America.

2.Famous for dick jokes and making fun of other famous peers

3.Has a hit show on the Bravo Network; "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List"

4.Should be extremely famous because if that douch Dane Cook can be as a comedian, anybody can.

5.Won two Emmy's

6.Probably banned from at least 5 talk shows

7.And finally, needs to watch out for Oprah because girl, shes coming for you.
Maybe if Kathy Griffin didn't say Dakota Fanning went to Rehab on E! she wouldn't be out of a job

Kathy Griffin-I'll see you in hell:]
by KGfan. July 09, 2009
ugly and unfunny redheaded bitch who thinks she's funny but she's not. she is so damn obnoxious omg i want to strangle her.
i hate that stupid kathy griffin GOD DAMN
by *Shits on Kathy Griffin* June 26, 2009
The most annoying women on the face of the earth only rivaling Sarah Jessica Parker, Ellen Degeneres, and Rosie O' Donnell. She's not funny and her career sucks. People like her and Jenny Jones are the reason there is war in the middle east.

She also looks like a tranny on crack.
Kathy Griffin sucks and I want to nail her to the fucking cross.
by Aldwardo January 26, 2007
1. a female Carrot Top.

2. a bitch

3. a comedian (well that is being way too nice.)
I would love to see Kathy Griffin in a gang bang.
by erick July 26, 2004
Evil. The ASPCA uses rapes of Kathy Griffin's voice to euthanize puppies. Cute little puppies.
Kathy Griffin has sold 93.6% of her soul to the Devil.
by AflacJack May 07, 2005

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