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the kind of person who tends to care for others more than themselves. Kathi is the kind of person who may not think the highest of themselves; but is the sweetest, caring, most beautiful person inside and out whether they believe it or not. Kathi's are very artistic and creative. They also have an edge to them, you definitly don't want to get on there badsides, cause they will kick your ass so bad your ancestors will feel it!
hey Kathi can draw really good! let's ask her!
by "springer" February 04, 2010
A sweet and sensitive girl with a gorgeous smile, she is everyone's best friend. Just the nicest girl you'll ever meet. She never litters or jaywalks. She's never late, rude, or obnoxious, even when she's kicking your ass at poker! Gosh, enough can never be said about how nice Kathi is. Girls want to be her, and boys want to take her home to mom.
I wish I had a Kathi waiting for me at home.
by jeezelouise000 February 04, 2010
A hobo who lives in the mountains and gives travelers answers of life for a very expensive fee.
"Oh, Great Hobo Kathi, what is the meaning of life?"
"Nothing. Now give me chocolate."
by shafrelk March 23, 2009
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