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Makes all the guys feel like flying, shes super cute and beautiful. Too bad shes already taken and in love with a boy with a name starting with a B. But he just doesn't know how lucky he is to have a girl like her. He better get his act together or she might move on to find something better.
That Katariena is WOW... Words can't even begin to explain her.
by Kate0893 April 06, 2010
the most butieful girl you will ever meet or know very intellegent has a brother named surgay soft skin her look will melt you when she is angry it is very controlled. if she has unconditional love for those she loves she has long hair and is average hieght. while she is kind and listens to all you have to say she will stand for herself and will take my shoulder when she needs it to cry on.
when i saw katariena today she was in need of some one to help her she refused me knowing i would make fun of her then she realizes who it is and apologizes and says “sure alex you can help”
by alexander martin January 23, 2013
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