Someone who has jungle fever.
Ohh, she likes them tall black athletes. She must be Kassandra.
by BiancaaMariee November 23, 2012
german way of saying `cassandra`
There is also a ride in Germany called "Kassandra" which broke down while we went on it *grrrr* the doors wouldnt open! swear they were trying to lock us in! but the way they said `kassandra` was awesome!!! sooooo evil!
* in evil German deep voice*<< gr8 stuff :)
by halo from a pixie April 04, 2005
Kassandra is a peninsula,municipality and town in Halkidiki,Greece. The peninsula is known because of its tourist attraction and the big forest fire of august 2006.
Last year we went in kassandra for holidays, it was great!
by valia December 27, 2007

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