A tall, brunette, out-going girl. She usually makes friends as easily as I breathe in air. Usually a Kassandra will fall in love with the terrible boy bands like One Direction, 5SOS, and things like Magcon. A Kassandra is protective and funny and toned. She is pretty much better than the other names like John, Brittany, Sasha but might not be able to compare to a Rachel or Samantha. She is witty and all round funny life of the party girl.
Boy 1: Who's that tall beautiful brunette over there?
Boy 2: You're joking with me right now.
Boy1: What?
Boy 2: Dude she's a Kassandra. You can tell just by looking at her, she's way outta our leagues.
by Fearless_Knight_Rider December 31, 2014
Kassandra means she is an awesome person to be with. Kassandra's are also super competitive and hate to lose but they are not sore-losers and they are all about the team and hate show offs. they also put everyone before them, and will do anything not to give up anything to make somebody happy. They are very loyal friends and will always be their for you even when you are in the wrong. They aren't good at telling people what they really think and when someone is unhappy they will cheer them up and overall Kassandra's are honestly the best friends, girlfriends, you will ever have. they are kind, loving, considerate, intelligent, athletic, and AMAZING! but they don't always stick with just one person or one gender and they can also get very jealous and expect a lot from their significant other When a Kassandra says i love you they will mean it and they do not deal well with a loss or death of somebody close. if a Kassandra is hurt or upset although they won't ask or want to talk about it at first, what they really want is for someone they love it just hold them while they cry and then talk about their feelings and thoughts. whatever you do don't let a Kassandra go out of your life. and if you are in love with one.. tell them before its to late.
You know that Kassandra we will be great friends in the future.
by fall_baby1011 April 10, 2015
Someone who has jungle fever.
Ohh, she likes them tall black athletes. She must be Kassandra.
by BiancaaMariee November 23, 2012
A horse fucker that also fucked a duck,triceratops, moose,mule,donkey.and a dog
Dude that kassandra just fuck a horse.
by Dimlego69 March 15, 2015
german way of saying `cassandra`
There is also a ride in Germany called "Kassandra" which broke down while we went on it *grrrr* the doors wouldnt open! swear they were trying to lock us in! but the way they said `kassandra` was awesome!!! sooooo evil!
* in evil German deep voice*<< gr8 stuff :)
by halo from a pixie April 04, 2005
Kassandra is a peninsula,municipality and town in Halkidiki,Greece. The peninsula is known because of its tourist attraction and the big forest fire of august 2006.
Last year we went in kassandra for holidays, it was great!
by valia December 27, 2007
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