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1 definition by bch5890

1. A girl that gives great hugs.

2. A girl that you"ll fall in love with, the moment you hear her laugh.

3. A girl with those 30-minute eyes that you could stare into all day long.

4. A girl that gets so hyper she humps the air.

5. A girl with an amazing body.

6. A girl that say she loves you and means it.

7. A girl that is that one in a million, that satnds out in any crowd.

8. A girl "That is your flower of light, that gives you the strength and the will to carry on in the field of darkness."

9. A girl that will stand by your side through thick and thin; When you need her the most or just not at all.

10. A girl that isn't just a girl.
My girlfriend is such a Kassandra!!!!
by bch5890 July 10, 2011
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