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1. One of the elite.
2. Sarcastic sons of bitches.
It doesn't get much cooler than the Kashes
by bones July 27, 2004
1. An extremely cool guy, supposedly came from dula
2. Someone who is extremely intelligent but at the same time very cool
Is he worthy of Kash?
Na, not yet, give or take a few more years
I wish I was Kashy
Yeah, wish is the right word!
by kash March 22, 2005
A malevolent, intelligent force whose potential for destruction is minimized by its own sloth.
Kash could bring the world to its knees if it would only get off its ass.
by CBizzy February 26, 2008
a kiss between a peck and a pash
any kiss that is not worthy enough to be called a pash due to lack of tongue but is too long to be a peck
"I kashed John the other day"
by raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawr November 12, 2011
A ball of hash rolled in keef. Originated from the song "Kash Under Glass" by Bongzilla.
Kash Under Glass - Bongzilla

Roll the hash in the keef
Light the ball smoke explodes
Smokin' kash under glass one more time
Blow your mind
by Babby August 10, 2009
left over weed (marijuana) n tha bowl of tha pipe or bong that is no good ne more kuz itz all burnt out.
can i get 1 more hit? nah itz kashed nigga.
by tha bitch March 21, 2003
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