karly is the coolest and the best friend that i could ever ask for in my entire life!! She ia so awesome and is absolutely hilarious. We are soulmates in a sisterly love kinda way, Karly you rock and you are so cool!! Do your own thing and do your own freaking boyfriend!!
Karly is the ultimate spaz.
by kay tay April 24, 2005
Top Definition
The bestest friend in the whole wide world;; also known worldwide for clever sidenotes during sometimes awkward situations. Adored by men everywhere, in later life she as well as her BFF's are expected to have hott babies with hair like sex.
That Karly is sex on legs !
by Neecolaa April 28, 2005
The most beautiful and amazing girl anybody would ever meet. She is funny, smart, caring, athletic, and has a hot body. Karly likes long walks on the beach, but is adorably clumsy. All of her friends, and especially her lucky boyfriend, love her with all their hearts.
That Karly girl is so flippin amazing it blows my mind!
by loveyoukarly14 July 06, 2011
A sexy girl with a great personality, a great body and an annoying laugh. She can be a bit of a whore sometimes. A Karly is very easily amused. They tend to like hugs from a variety of people. A karly sucks dick like a boss and rides dick like she rides horses.
"Wow, dude that is one Karly I would like to pork."
by Mark Vinci May 08, 2010
the most awesome individual you will ever lay eyes on .... the most loved person in the world....known as "special K" by assfaces.... much cooler than corey
Karly is a sexy beast
by ilovekarly December 20, 2003
The coolest girl ever! Likes asian boys love rats and has alot of pet rats.She is very nice and resolves fights. She isn't afraid to speak her mind.. even if it gets her in trouble. She loves to sing and most people like her!
She is a karly!
by ratgirl6543 February 19, 2012
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