The 10th letter of the Greek Alphabet, but only fucking nerds use it for that. It really is a word that is synonymous with Just Kidding (jk)

It's most likely origin is from, where it is most commonly used.

Another origin that I know about was on a Minecraft Server Network called Project Ares (Now Overcast Network) back in mid-late 2012. The different servers in the network were based off of the Greek Alphabet, and was the last server added to the network before it's revamp. Somehow, it caught on, and people started spamming it on the forums, and it was given a meaning.
I'm going to jump off a bridge!


I just fucked my own dog!


I'm going to chop a watermelon in half and stick it up a woman's bootyhole!
by post_jp123 July 13, 2014
Producer of tight, Italian, sausage skin, football (soccer) shirts.
Damn, I cannot believe Wales went with Kappa Kappa tops, especially when they have fatboy John Hartson on their team.
by NJ Bhoy August 17, 2007
v. The act of putting something on your father's credit card or having your daddy pay for something.

*Reference to the women of Kappa Kappa Gamma
Dude don't worry about buying that polo, I'll just kappa it.
by Beatin_Gutz February 17, 2009
A group of "bitch ass ho's" with an exaggerated sense of self importance and entitlement.
Friend: "She was hot, why'd you dump her?"
Me: "She's a kappa."
Friend: "Oh."
by inf0saurus November 14, 2008
1) The 10th letter of the Greek Alphabet.

2) The nick name of a sorority called Kappa Kappa Gamma, usually full of pretty but slutty girls. (Not all "kappas" are pretty... some are ugly but have big boobs). Kappa was supposed to be a sorority for very classy women, but unfortunately they are more trashy now than classy.
1) What comes after Iota? Kappa.

2) She thinks Kappas are the best things ever... too bad they're slutty.
by Jessica A June 18, 2008
A cute little water dwelling monster-myth in Japan who loves cucumbers and bludgeoning people to death.
It is recognised by Cryptozoologists.
A:aw, look at that cute little creature eating a cucumber.
B: hey thats a-
*kappa gets up and kills A and B*

C: Aw, that was cute.
by Richalo January 06, 2007
A face that certain people will use to cover up their sexual and creepy jokes.
Have my babies *Kappa*
by kahpar May 14, 2015

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