When you get right to the point and say something very blunt, particularly in the realm of antifeminism, somebody who pulls alot of Kaplans might also use an inhaler.
"You're a stupid woman."

"Wow, you just pulled such a Kaplan! You should get in the kitchen."
by ybk October 28, 2009
Top Definition
Eatting massive amounts of pringles and chugging coke while running around in circles on fire.
Hey kid, did you hear that Kaplan pulled another Kaplan last weekend?
by this stunning creature March 01, 2007
n. someone who is amazing at what they do; a maverick
man, that guy was a total kaplan at that sport!
by spartan90107 May 29, 2008
A bigheaded shitfuck who plays tennis on an hourly basis but yet still managaes to gain 60 pounds while doing it. Is injected with steroids by his bitchassed mother, and talks so much you'd rather eat a bowl of shit then listen. Also often used to describe a person who's a complete idiot, and does whatever the following person is doing. Also check hypocrite, fatass, slob, and deuche bag.
Mom: Danny, will you eat your food? And I swear at tennis practice you sucked today! I should've given you more Muscle Milk!

Dad: Awhhh honey, will you shut the fuck up!? You're making our son sound like a Kaplan!
by mami_so_reCkless September 06, 2008
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