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Alistar, (similar to an Ali) is the perfect combination of loyalty, charm and beauty combined with a hint of perfection. Alistar's are often associated with music, and have at least 10 successful songs. Yet despite having his own successful band/career, an Alistar between the ages of 10-30 often finds himself lost and pondering what to do next. An Alistar can often replicate the behaviours of a Taylor Swift, in that he has a song about each on his exes, and takes 6 months to a year to get over them entirely. All Alistar's possess the trait of 'Panty-Dropper' and often have close relatives and 12-year-old cousins screaming for them.
"Gee, Alistar's looking hot as usual!"
"You're 12. Stop it."
by AshandNari July 25, 2015
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