A really great citizen. Often smells good.
Kane is a really great citizen. Have you smelled him?
by Kane Levi November 16, 2008
The Devil
kane IS the devil
by haNd1287 April 21, 2004
a being that is placed inside garfags arse hole for pleasure whom cannot get an errection but only able when given a blowup penis
i need a bottle of kane = i need a bottle of stella artios
by the revenge you deserve August 04, 2010
Someone who becomes a belligerent drunk. Nights may end with assault charges and/or jail.
Also the personality may include narcissism.
That a**hole is such a kane.
by daFCUKisWRONGwithU August 02, 2010
Used in conjunction with a member of family or body party to desribe something ugly, nasty or horrible.
Originally comes from a scene in Scary Movie 2 but it is also widely believed to refer to the wrestler.
If your in a bar and a very ugly girl walks in, one might say "I didn't know Kane's sister came in here"

If something smells very nasty, one might say "Fucking hell this smells like Kane's ass hole!"

If someone is talking to you and they have really horrible teeth, one might say "Dude you got teeth like Kane's uncle!"
by im.very.big November 16, 2009
The whore who goes to montevideo schools and often is caught sucking ginourmous penis..... he has been called a snicker licking son of a bitch and enjoys being gay with his parents
Kane glomstad is the biggest homosexual in the world
by Kane Glomstad November 09, 2009
Brother slayer, cheater, liar, all around good-for-nothing-jerk. Uses aggression and threats to make up for his small stature and lack of intelligence.
What! He cheated on his wife with his office mate in the backseat of the family car? He's such a Kane!
by Brandywine1982 December 15, 2010

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