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He is the most sweetest,cutest,funniest, amazing guy ever!! He's soo sweet!! He wrestles, plays football, andmakes good grades
Person 1: Woah! Who's he??
Person 2: Who him over there in the black hoodie??
Person 1: Yeah
Person 2: Oh! That's Kanaan..
Person 1: Dangg He's finee!!
by Tastetherainbow234 January 17, 2013
A name for a girl who is a poseur.
A girl who starts stupid drama and other girls hate her.
Girl 1: Look at that stupid bitch over there. She is soooo kanaan.
Random Poseur: Hey! That's my best friend you're talking about!!!
Girl 2: Surprise, surprise.
by Lindsay Badham January 24, 2008
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