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An awesome, raw, beast, and very handsome man. He is generally known for his giant penis and sexy features. Kamar is overall one of the greatest men alive.
You: I wish I was Kamar.
Your Friend: Yeah me too.
Stranger: Shit, we all would like to be Kamar.
Kamar: I know, even I want to be me.
by hotmar November 24, 2013
An awesome, raw, sexy, and very beautiful woman. She is generally known for her amazing and sexy features. She's big hearted and really funny. Kamar is overall one of the greatest women alive.
You: I want to be Kamar!
Friend: She needs to be my friend!!
Ex: Id so hit that!
Everyone: Kamars so damn SEXY!
Kamar: Aw thanks! Let's all be friends!
by CutiePie18 April 13, 2016

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