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1. Hindi for Mother Kali, the Hindu Goddess of Time and Change.

2. An alias of Apocalypse, the immortal mutant warlord found in Marvel Comics.

3. The effect that an Indian ex-wife has on your credit after co-signing on a car with her. Also the effect on your heart when she leaves you. A reference to the famous scene in "Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom" where Mola Ram tears out a man's heart.

1. Devotees of Kali also refer to her as "Kali-Ma".

2. During "The Fall of the Mutants" storyline Apocalypse revealed he was in fact thousands of years old and he has been worshiped as numerous entities, including Set and Kali-Ma.

3. Man 1: "Did you hear what happened to Steve?"

Man 2: "Nah man what?"

Man 1: His wife Shivanni left him awhile back, took the car and hasn't paid on it."

Man 2: "Nigga! Steve got Kali-Ma'd!"
by DJ Felony April 20, 2009
Kalima is a beautiful girl. She is loving,caring,and will love you unconditionally. If you ever meet a girl named Kalima, you better keep her cause you'll never meet anyone like her.
Kalima is so loving and caring. I don't know what I would do without her.
by Kai Sartorius 25 June 19, 2016
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