Abbreviation for "Kill A Hoe". Coined by dog day/in a minute records artists such as 11-5, Cold World Hustlers, RBL Posse, etc.
"Kill a hoe! Fuck that bitch! My hoe's name is Nina, she buys me cloths. Don't give me that bammer, I'm a northern Cali killa, stack stealer, cap peeler, Kill A Hoe!" ~ Billy "The Studio Danksta" Jam

by Cambone650 October 31, 2007
A hood word meaning crazy or insane depending on the situation. If a person is insanely good at basketball for say, you say "yo that baller over there, he's too kah" or if a bitch is crazy or savage, "bro she's kah, watch out"
"Yo that guy just dunked from the free throw line, he's too kah"

"Yo wtf I heard that bitch put her bf on locks cause he got caught watching porn, she's kah"
by insane baller July 29, 2016
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