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quick and easy abbreviation for kill youself
Tom: I'm going to play Runescape

Nick: Kid, KYS
by Jack Carver June 26, 2006
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kill your self
nitro should end his life now
by the real doufas March 31, 2003
Stands for "Kill your self" a sarcastic term used amongst friends basically telling one another to shut the fuck up, when someone says something ignorant, embarrassing, or just plain stupid.

*not intended for real suicide suggestions, please stay alive y'all
Renee: OMG Keith urban is coming to town he's such a great rapper!

Jane: kys Renee
by jnhmpls96 January 23, 2014
Know Your Status
To fill out a profile on a gay dating app it may ask:
KYS: Unsure, Positive, or Negative
...or do you know your HIV status: unsure, positive, or negative.
by TheRenaissanceMan February 17, 2013
Short for kill yourself
person a: Did you see the new episode of arthur?
Person b: Kid, you're 23. Kys.
by Datmofoass December 25, 2013
kys is the Danish word for kiss
kys hej (meaning: kiss, bye-bye)
by AlexYouKnowYouWantHim March 25, 2010
Kids yodeling system
Yo-de-le-he-hoo! Tommy, c'mon let's get going to the yodeling board meeting for the KYS!
by Lil Mac Nugglit February 19, 2014

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