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Short for Keep The Faith - Originates from the Northern Soul scene. Northern soul is a music and dance movement that emerged from the British mod scene, initially in northern England in the late 1960s. Northern soul mainly consists of a particular style of black American soul music based on the heavy beat and fast tempo of the mid-1960s Tamla Motown sound.
See you later mate, KTF!
by TommyBoy9917 July 16, 2011
Keep The Faith

Used to help inspire people and remind them they should continue to believe in something.
I've been like waiting for IBM to fix my computer for months, I mailed my colleage to tell him i've been chasing them about it again and he mailed me back "Gotta KTF man !"
by SuiCidaL LeMoN May 19, 2005
Know the Feeling
Guy one: Hey, you know when you sit on cement and totally crush a testicle?

Guy two: OMG. I KTF!
by shining-silver-stars December 05, 2011
kiss the forehead; a sign of affection
Jimmy gave her a ktf after her dog was run over.
by LAGal November 22, 2010
KTFS is an acronym for "Kick the fuck shit". Usually said when someone is bullshitting you.
Ryan - Hey man, I just fucked this really hot girl last night.
Chris - KTFS man, everyone knows you are gay.
by Tophermax March 15, 2010
kissable, touchable, and fuckable.
John: Do you know the girl next door to me?
Mike: No, is she ktf?
John: Yes, shes totally ktf!
by Kid Dave December 01, 2010
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