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It stands for Keep Soccer Gay!! For those who know that soccer players are a bunch of pussies, we soccer players live out our lives to keep it that way. Keep it gay bros!!
Those soccer shorts shorts are full of KSG!!!
by keepitgay123 March 18, 2013
the shit-hole where i am forced 2 spend at least 5 years of my life- also known as kirkby stephen grammar school
save yourselves kids, go to appleby!!!
by - August 12, 2003
Kogurian Spy Guild ( A elite group of spies who control thousands of miles of land ranging from Koguryo to Buya and more. Initiates of this group receive a X shaped scar during their initiation. There is no solid proof of their existance.
M'hul:"SAVE ME, PLEASE!! The KSG...They're coming for me."
Guard:-pulls dagger out of pocket and stabs M'hul in the back-"Too late, My prince."
by Agent August 01, 2003

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