If the original party that gave the damage to the target, but does not recieve any reward when another party kill it
Kill Steal Occur!

If the original party that gave the damage to the target, but still recieve reward when another party kill the it
Kill Steal does not happen!
Kill Steal, these two words is create for other games, some players have been misuse them and result Maple Story Team think there is an action call KIll Stealing in Maple Story

Example, in DarkAges, our party is hitting a monster, a warrior appear and use a warrior skill call rescue on the monster, and kill it, Full experience goes to the warrior that give the final hit (Kill Stealing Happen)

Example, in CounterStrike, I shooting an enemy for a period of time, and when the enemy is dying, my teammate jump out and kill him (Kill Stealing Happen)

Example, in Gunbound, Game Start, I and my teammate start damaging the enemy nearby, then when my enemy(target) is dying, my teammate change his target and kill my target (Kill Stealing Happen)

Example, in Shattered Galaxy, Battle start... using a group of apparition walking around the map, saw a group of Arbalest, and i start shooting them, then my teammate control his eagle(which currently attacking another enemy) fly toward us and kill the Arbalest (Kill Stealing does not happen, because we should help each other in battle and if we win the battle, I still get experience for the battle)

Example, in Maple Story, training in SleepyWood Dungeon, kill a monster that previously damaged by another party(Kill Stealing does not happen, because he still recieve the experience for damaging the monster)

Example, in Prince of Qin, training in a forest, kill a monster that previously damaged by another party (Kill Stealing does not happen, because he still recieve the experience for damaging the monster)
by AxE December 03, 2004
'ks' is short for 'knee slap'. The term is used while chatting online in place of 'lol'

Similarly, 'ksmao' is "knee slap my ass off" and 'ksmko' is "knee slap my knee off"
#SundayMorningTweet Stop taking your communion like it's a shot of patron. Everyone already know you just left the club!! Ks

Thats hilarious!! Ksmao
by J Newt January 19, 2011
n. Abbr. of Kaposi's Sarcoma, lesions on the skin which are caused by Kaposi's Sarcoma Herpesvirus (KSHV). Oftentimes Kaposi's Sarcoma is a symptom of infection with HIV, as it can weaken the immune system to the degree where KSHV can get a hold in the body.
Tom Hanks's character in "Philadelphia" was fired after his bosses discovered the KS lesions on his body.
by Matthew Richardson July 16, 2006
Terminoligy spawned by Michael Altenburg (aka Axlrose7000) at the Minibosses message board. Used in lieu of LOL, it stands for "knee slapper" and is to be deployed in times of hilarity.
That Lindar the Beard joke was a KS!
by Daemon9623 January 02, 2005
Keep Smiling, used as a goodbye term when u mean to put an end to a chat or series scrappings with smbdy, and at the same time don't mean to be the least of rude.
using this term u feel like making a sweet and caring image of urself before the one u feel like meeting some other day online.
jude : so hows ur love life going?
me : dude, u r cool
jude : c'mon tell me. i'm ur good frnd...
me : my love life. hmmm...
long pause
me : i luv ur smile.KS.
by bhuyan August 12, 2007
A nickname of sorts for the talented female actor Kristen Stewart. The term is often used by KS fans. Kristen Stewart is incredible, beautiful, and extremely talented. While she's been in many films like Panic Room, Undertow, Speak, Zathura, Fierce People, The Messengers, In the Land of Women, and Into the Wild, much of her popularity at this time comes from her role as Bella Swan in the Twilight movie, based off the first book of the series by Stephenie Meyer.
Friend: I love KS. I think her movies are incredible.
Best Friend: You're a crazy KS Fan...
Girl: What's a KS?
Friend and Best Friend: Kristen Stewart!!!
Girl: Ooooh.
by M&M11 June 16, 2008
short for "que es?" in spanish.
it originates from a '90s/00's spanish television network called Telemundo.

it was basically a spanish seasame street. in one skit, a giant monster would show a common item such as a glass of milk and then ask the contestants, "que es?"

this became so gay after repeated viewings that it has been abbreviated to a more phonetic english spelling of simply, 'KS'.

when someone says something really stupid or ask a totally befuddling question, it would be appropriate for a response of a long drawn out, "K......S?"
Mike: Can you please pass me that from him. It's right over there by that thing. I want to take this and place it on top of that.
Sean: KS?
by Sean May 08, 2003

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