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The most incredible friend anyone could ever have. She is incredibly beautiful both inside and out, even if she can't see it. She is absolutely hilarious, and extremely intelligent. She will be there for you no matter what, and gives you more than you deserve. She makes you realize all the good in life. She is your Sunshine.
Friend 1: I love Megan.
Friend 2: Me too.
Friend 3: I don't know anyone who doesn't love Megan.
Friend 4: True story.
by M&M11 June 16, 2008
Hardcore Kristen Stewart Fans. They often refer to Ms. Stewart as KS. They respect her, make a point not to be creepy, invasive fans, and know and appreciate her whole body of work NOT JUST her role as Bella Swan in the movie Twilight. Although that's appreciated as well. KS Fans are respectful of all fans new and old, no matter how they heard of her.
KS Fan: Ah! I'm so excited! I just read a review of the new KS movie! I can't wait to see it!
Friend: Who is KS? What is she going on about?
Best Friend of KS Fan: Oh don't worry. She's just talking about Kristen Stewart. She's seen all of her movies. She's a KS Fan.
Friend: Ooooh.
by M&M11 June 16, 2008
A nickname of sorts for the talented female actor Kristen Stewart. The term is often used by KS fans. Kristen Stewart is incredible, beautiful, and extremely talented. While she's been in many films like Panic Room, Undertow, Speak, Zathura, Fierce People, The Messengers, In the Land of Women, and Into the Wild, much of her popularity at this time comes from her role as Bella Swan in the Twilight movie, based off the first book of the series by Stephenie Meyer.
Friend: I love KS. I think her movies are incredible.
Best Friend: You're a crazy KS Fan...
Girl: What's a KS?
Friend and Best Friend: Kristen Stewart!!!
Girl: Ooooh.
by M&M11 June 16, 2008

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