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just the way 'among' is for 'amongst', 'along' is for ~.

It refers to sm1 or smthing thts next to the subject thts there all the time, as far as the time of concern is concerned.

or simply say: alongst -> at along
1. The bird was flying high, with the cool breeze alongst.(practical)

2. He rambled on with the stupid grin alongst.(abstract)
by Bhuyan August 24, 2007
Keep Smiling, used as a goodbye term when u mean to put an end to a chat or series scrappings with smbdy, and at the same time don't mean to be the least of rude.
using this term u feel like making a sweet and caring image of urself before the one u feel like meeting some other day online.
jude : so hows ur love life going?
me : dude, u r cool
jude : c'mon tell me. i'm ur good frnd...
me : my love life. hmmm...
long pause
me : i luv ur smile.KS.
by bhuyan August 12, 2007

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