1. InKonSistant is attraction, looks good one day, looks disgusting the other. Usually talking about someone.

2.Lacking consistency or regularity in quality or performance.
Matt: "Eh Bro check out that blonde chick over their."
Bako: "Naw Bro she's K-S, wait till you see her any other day, you'll throw up."
by Bako April 18, 2008
Top Definition
Shortened version of "Kill Steal"; A term used on MMORPGs to describe the act of barging in to kill a monster (or other enemy) that another player had been fighting first and receiving the XP that rightfully belonged to the first player to engage the enemy in battle. KSer: one who KSes; KSing: The act of commiting a KS.
"If you don't go find your own monsters and cut out the KSing, I'll be fragging your ass next time I see you "
by aMelee August 22, 2003
Game: The act of killing an enemy that was weakened by another member of your team. This action will often upset your teammate and should be done with caution. Can also be used as a noun. (kser: kill stealer)
In-depth Version: It's 2 vs 2, you and your teammate and 2 enemies. Both of you have a specific person to kill.

Say your enemy is weakened and you only need more hit on him before you can gain exp/gold/etc.

Your teammate's turn is before yours, and on his turn he kills YOUR enemy. Congradulations! You've just been ksed.
by foreverxero July 25, 2004
KS is from the Chinese term kong shu (both 1st tones), basically meaning feeling very empty. Absolutely running on fumes.
Stayed up until 5am last night drunk as a skunk and doin' things I really regretted. I feel so KS this morning.
by mr. mz2 May 25, 2009
Kill Steal. The most annoying thing in MMORPGs ever. Preferably used on newbies.
n00b: STAP KSing ME U HOAR!

by TomatoSauce July 28, 2008
Abbreviated form of Kinda-sorta. Quick way to say yes to something but at the same time no. Not like IDK which means that you're not sure how you feel, but more like you currently have mixed feelings about it and you can indeed elaborate on it but choose not to.
Dood: So you're a Knicks fan?

Me: KS.

Dood: What do you mean, you like them or not?

Me: Ks...

Dood: YES OR NO???

by TheBx41 October 06, 2012
Khalifa Syndrome, it's when you ask stupid retarded questions or give stupid answers.
Khalifa: Can blind people see their dreams and do they dream?
Omar: Don't answer guys, he have KS.
by TheTrollKing August 15, 2011

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