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When you jack off to a naked girl on a webcam who is spreading her vagina, fingering herself, ect. and you bust your load without her being aware of it and she continues the show. During that one minute of no sexual interest whatsoever that (for most guys) follows ejaculation, you log off, or worse, IM her saying 'KCYA!' then leave
Guy: Take off your panties
Camslut69: ok
Guy: Ok now spread your pussy
Guy: Yeah that's nice
Guy: Keep doing that
(5 minutes later)
by Dr_Oscar October 12, 2005
a phrase used to express ones lack of interest in a situation.
Girl: Well that was fun, I really think I love you..
Guy: Kcya!

Girl: Hey, I'm getting my breast reduction surgery tomorrow...
Guy: Kcya!

Kid: Hey, you wanna come over to my house tomorrow?
You: Kcya!
by Kcya March 04, 2010
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