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An intoxicating dance originating from the Indian artist Daler Mehndi. The song brings great joy to anyone and everyone who engages in the act of "tunaking." Tunaking can become highly addictive.
Dude, I haven't tunaked in like 5 days; I think I'm going into withdrawal.

Did you see Kumail and Ryan tunaking in class today? It was the funniest thing ever!

Tunak tunak tun tunak tunak tun tunak tunak doo da da da!
by Kcya March 04, 2010
a phrase used to express ones lack of interest in a situation.
Girl: Well that was fun, I really think I love you..
Guy: Kcya!

Girl: Hey, I'm getting my breast reduction surgery tomorrow...
Guy: Kcya!

Kid: Hey, you wanna come over to my house tomorrow?
You: Kcya!
by Kcya March 04, 2010
A brokumi is a bro who has excelled to the highest level of brodom. All bros look up to a brokumi, and strive to one day join the brohood of brokumis. It is still unknown how becoming this bro is humanly possible.
Bro 1: "Dude, holy shit...is that a brokumi?"

Bro 2: "Whoa bro, thats totes a brokumi, lets go see if he'll give us a fist bump"
by Kcya October 14, 2010

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