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"The International School of Tanganyika" is located in Dar es Salaam,Tanzania and is probably the worst school ever built. It's mostly populated by (in no racist way what so ever) racist Arab guys who like to mess around with people until you hit them back,launching you into what they like to call "beef" with all the other school Arabs. They drive around in their ugly ass rav 4's and tricked out mitsubishi's at night trying to act all gangster. See K-Unit
-Hey dude where do you go to school?
-I.S.T man.
-WHOA. I'm sorrry man.
by B-E-A-N-S-I-E August 10, 2008
The name of the so called "gang" that goes to I.S.T. They're of course not a real gang, and they think they're cool even though they have a faggy ass name.
"what's that noise?"
"it's just those douches in K-Unit driving around in their ugly rides."
by B-E-A-N-S-I-E August 10, 2008

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