A cheap store in debt. Cheaper than Walfarts. Unlike Walfart, they don't have as much things to buy.
Our local K-Mart smells like piss when you go inside. Weird.
by Phuqer February 28, 2006
The Poor Peoples WalMart.
Pretty self-explanitory.

Beaners-K-Mart = White People-WalMart.
by Dicamillo. May 22, 2012
Korean Girl Market - A Korean brothel AAMP organization that operated in the Bay Area, CA. It became very big and became a victim of its own success until the whole organization was busted.
K-mart stood me up with my appointment tonight.
I am fed up with the PO at K-mart double booking.
by SharkL11X May 18, 2011
Where you buy ketamine from.
Let's go to the K Mart, then fall over.
by Pl@tty July 15, 2008
A cheap fucked up department store getting their ghetto Martha Stuart asses kicked by Target and Wal*lart.

Timmy: "Man, I went to K-mart yesterday----"
Tommy: "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING?!Target and Wal*mart are sooo much better."
Adjective: Uncool or sketch, opposite of Gucci
This back alley is so K-Mart.
by D. Bauge and Ernest T. Crack August 05, 2008
K Mart Sucks Ass,One time I took a shit in the urinal in the bathroom there and the janitor just sat and watched!
by Noochie Noochie July 27, 2004

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