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A person who appreciates real music, and is not brainwashed by the talentless stuff produced by JustBin Bieber.
True Boyz.
Justin Bieber Haterz
by HM10 November 27, 2010
A person who has a decent taste in movies, music, artwork, and almost everything. This person knows why Justin Bieber is a false icon and knows the real music of yesterday and will not listen to anything made by Disney or comes out of a Los Angeles studio. This person mostly likely knows good musicians like The Beatles, The Doors, Donavan, The Turtles, The Clash, Johnny Cash, Nirvana, George Thorogood, and many many more. This person mostly likely hates the following bands: Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, Big Time Rush, and Hannah Montana. One of the reasons why this person hates these people are because the know that the only reason the false icons "sing" is to make money and get rich. He/She will have a great life, get married, and rock out.
Punk rock girl: You a Justin Bieber hater?

Guy: Yeah.

Punk rock girl: Wanna go fuck?

Guy: Yeah.
by Empire Ants February 12, 2011
a person with common sense...unlike the definition above
Justin bieber haters unite

guy 1: justin bieber sucks

guy 2: i know lets make a dummy of him and set him a light
by junta kentae November 29, 2010
A normal person who knows good music.

Me (Justin Bieber Hater a.k.a. Normal everyday person) : Go to the fcuking psychiatrist.

JB Fan : gO fcUK urself omg u hav no life

Me : I have a life, that's why I'm telling you to go to the psychiatrist, because you like Dust-Bin Beaver.
by DomXBrD March 03, 2011
A stalker. Knows Justin Bieber's age, songs, race, relationships, etc. Basically a Negative-Justin Bieber Lover. Person who knows everything about and harasses someone who doesn't know they exist.
Guy #1," Hey, did you see that guy with the status "HATE JB!!!! hes just a 16 yr old canadian boy ewww gross he needs to hit puberty!!"

Guy #2," Yeah, definitely a Justin Bieber hater. Much better to just be neutral, and not give a crap.

Guy #1," Agreed, dude. Glad we have lives and don't hate on a celebrity who doesn't acknowledge the fact we're alive at all.
by NeutralJustinBieber February 11, 2011
People who have nothing better to do then hate on an innocent guy that CAN get girls and has soo much talent that he makes jerks jelous so they hate on him! Lovely Much?
Dude- Hey Dude this guy justin bieber is annoying me because he has talent and i dont! *cries*!
Girl- Thats what i call a guy who is in Justin Bieber Haters club cuz he has nothing else to do!
by personwhohateshaters3e74834 May 31, 2011
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