Justin Beiber is a Canadian woman trapped in a homosexual boy's body. Justin Beiber is known for his terrible singing, but revered for his atrocious acts against mankind (other than his "music").
Justin Beiber is a homosexual.
by pussypunker March 02, 2014
A total fag who can't sing for shit.
Ass Fag Magee: Justin Beiber is so sweg!!!!
by SUPERtwatMONKEY January 14, 2015
Voice of a dead cat

Wait, that's offensive to dead cats....sorry mittens
Why are you listening to JB??????
That's not Justin Beiber that's just our neighbours cat dying, he's been ready to die for1 week and a half
by Pj Phoenix August 12, 2014
caca poop shit ass no swag
Justin Beiber is a caca shit face and sucks ass.
by 01stupid February 20, 2014
An annoying singer who has teamed up with usher (shock horror!). The extent of "his songs" is singing about love and/or girls, though

many believe he is homosexual and has an abnormally small penis. This is only speculation.
The songs that were written for him aren't much better.

He is loved by 10-15 year old girls who some think have no brain.
Now spend your time decently by listening to led zeppelin or Mozart's requiem.
"The best singer in the wold peopl who h8 him R just jeluz 'coz they Rnt famous and can't sing"
Justin Beiber fan-13

"Wow, that girl sings SO well, what's her name?"
Random lorry driver, listening to radio.
by chonker July 31, 2013
A piece of crap 15 year old who cannot sing for shit. Got booed at a basketball game because he sucks.
"That escalated quickly." Justin Beiber sucks.
by Will ferell May 05, 2015

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