The best boyfriend the world has ever seen. an elite category of boyfriend that is extremley rare if not only one existing (n)

adverb form - Justinly
That girls boyfriend is terrible, too bad she doesnt have a Justin.

Hes the best boyfriend ever!! IM MARRYING HIM!!! HES SO JUSTINLY!!!!!!
by portugalgirl! January 20, 2010
chick magnet.
Killing Spree is common.
kills any body named Joe, Joseph, or 'mojo'.
the person, Justin
by 2dxs August 18, 2008
A boy who has a cute crooked smile, always can make you laugh, dirty sense of humour; adorable laugh. His facial features are cute, and you can always look up to him. Whenever you feel down, he can cheer you up.
Person one: ugh.. i need some comfort :(

Person two: Call up Justin!!
by toborom March 09, 2010
a Justin is a very sexy guy without a doubt, who attracts the girls like they're fucking flies on SHIT. he is very sweet, and has the body of a damn panther. like mentioned before, VERY VERY sexy.

he might not get the BEST grades, but everyone knows that he really is smart. he can be a player with girls at times, and flirts alot, but he mainly has his eye on this one girl.

he goes for the hot girls, with the nice ass, big tits, etc. and normally has a huge cock ;)

he has many friends, and gets along with most people, except for the ones who piss him off or try to steal his girl.

and i take back what i said before, he can be sweet MOST of the time? NO, he is always sweet (:

but keep in mind that THIS justin, he is TOTALLLLY different from the Biebs.
Justin Bieber:
(in a high squeaky pussy ass mother fucking voice) BABY, BABY, BABY, OH !

normal Justin:
(in a nice manly voice) ...yo.
by alice ryder <3 December 21, 2010
Best guy you'll ever meet. He's nice, sweet, and lovable. He'll only do things if they're at the right moment. He's faithful in a relationship and will love you forever, even when your fighting. Everything he does is cute and you will love him for it.
I love my boyfriend, Justin!
by c89g4s March 03, 2011
cutie, greatest lover ever, hottie, sweet bf, best guy ever, funny, respectful, he's mine!
Justin-usually paired with haleys
by Ihaleyloveyou! February 22, 2010
A tall, intelligent & talented athlete, usually blonde with greenish-hazel eyes. Known to be very popular in group settings, he is also very caring and generous to those he loves. With incredible good looks and impecable taste in music, he is very articulate and is not afraid to bust out his patwa when necissary.
Did you see that cute white boy snapping in pawta?!! He's such a Justin!
by skittlessssssssssss August 12, 2009
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