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1.Justin is the most amazing friend someone could have. he has a huge cock. he likes to stand out. he never tries to fit in. he is one of a kind. hes not a cheater.justin knows how to treat a girl. he is a badass.he is not a goodie goodie boy. you love justin for who he is and what he is all about. hes never fake always real.he is a great boyfriend, get to no him:) he is sexy as hell.all your friends will be jealous that he is your friend,he might not want a realtionship with you right now but sooner then later he will.right now he is getting to no you.just remember he knows what hes doing in bed and it shows. hes a freak.:) he is a huge sex fien
Justin is the most amazing person ever
by Justin_is_amazing February 07, 2010

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