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1 definition by smile1117

The most amazing guy in the whole entire world! If you know Justin, you are guaranteed to have a smile on any time he's around. He is smart, talented, loves to have fun, and is always ready for a challenge. Justin loves his family and friends and most of all loves God. You'll never meet another Justin like him. He is one-of-a-kind, special, has a heart of gold and everything about him is wonderful, so if you ever get to know Justin, don't take him for granted. A guy like him only comes along once. (Plus, he will definitely take over the world one day.) So don't miss it!
"Woah! What was that?!"

"I think that was one of those...whatdya call 'em?...a Justin, right??"

"Yeah...those are so rare! I heard there's only one in the whole world worth seeing - I bet that was him! Wow! I can't believe we just got to see him!"
by smile1117 February 06, 2010