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Something exceptionally interesting, good, or awesome.
Wow that football game was so jurph!
by jbrown67 November 26, 2009
The coolest person you will ever know. Stems from the name Jessica Murphy, combined to form jurphy and then shortened to jurph. A really "nice" and "cute" girl who is also smart, talented and funny. She is a great friend and would make an amazing girlfriend so if you ever find a jurph, make sure you don't lose her.
*Approaches moderately attractive guy at party*
Bec: "Hey, have you met my friend Jess?"
Guy: "You mean Jurph? Of course, she's so awesome. I'm gonna go dance with that girl."
Bec: "Damn straight you are, she's fucking perfect! GET IT!"
by Becky Princess February 12, 2014