hottest guy in the world .dark hair and dark eyes, has a huge dick, gets with the prettiest girls, has a great personality,perfect smile,funny,and he's really chill but probably smokes some pot, he's the most perfect boyfriend ever. he is also great in bed and knows how to play with your titties and pussy.

gods gift tom women
i wish i was a jurgen
by xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox November 25, 2011
Top Definition
1.An intellegent guy that always gets the most beautiful woman at social events, he is well dressed and everyone seems to want to be associated with him.

2. Gods gift to woman.
1."dammit Josh, That Mark has changed alot since primary school. Hes become a real Jurgen"

2. "Stacy had sex with David last night, she says he might be a Jurgen"
by catholicangel January 13, 2009
A funny little man who likes to drink scotch and get his groove on.

Has incredible dance moves.
I wish I could bust a move like Jurgen.
by fxy February 04, 2010
A lower person, a minority
Mark take the trash outside. Mom I don't want to be a Jurgen.
by CooleDude November 10, 2014
Every girl's gay best friend.
My boyfriend just broke up with me so I'm going out dancing with my Jurgen!
by Kromdor November 08, 2009
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