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Rock'n'roll, a word used to describe a lifestyle as well as music, Gore'n'roll does both these things but adds more horror to the cliche sex and drugs elements in the so-called "glamorous" rock'n'roll.
Gore'n'roll adds blood, terror and horror, many followers will enjoy typical eighties B-Movies and Video Nasties. There maybe a fascination with death (in a non-emotional way)such as zombies, necrophilia and so on.
Many followers of Gore'n'roll will like dressing up in DIY bloody costumes and listen to a wide range of music (physcobilly, horror-punk, death-metal, etc), some of it more obscure. There is no definitive Gore'n'roll band.
I'm dressing up for the Gore'n'roll party, wanna watch a film to get some ideas?
by gorenroll July 02, 2006
Wankwhore is an insult that comes under a general definition.
1. A more feminine version of wanker but can be used to describe both sexes.
2. Someone of loose inclinations and a bit of an idiot as well.
3. Could also describe a person who engages in twisted sexual activities.
What a wankwhore that man over there is! Get a life mate.
by gorenroll June 30, 2006
A type of dance, characterised by jerky hip swaying, arms up, sometimes with both hands clasped together, moving to and fro in time with the music. Popular in the early hours of the morning, at parties.
Man, lets go Junk. Or, whey I was junking pro last night.
by Gorenroll June 27, 2006

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