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Penis and testacles.
Shut up or I'll kick you in the junk!
by Distrust February 06, 2003
To pick-up and literally have sex on a bus.

Originating from an incident involving several high school students in Calgary, who are now banned from Calgary transit.
Look at that hot chick that just got on the bus, I'm going to buse her!
by Distrust February 06, 2003
Often used by girls who should know better to not use it as it's not a real word.

It means confused, but usually has several other words attached to it... such as 1 or more of the following:
dazed, bewildered, clumsy, etc.
I have a test coming up, but I can't think straight and I'm tripping over stairs... I'm just so confuzzled.
by Distrust February 06, 2003
A substitute for the swear 'fuck' used by a few science-fiction nerds in Canada and the United States.
I missed my bus, oh flux!
by Distrust February 06, 2003
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