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A female who has a nice or unusually large ass.
Damn son yo shawty over dere got sum junk in da trunk!
by Big Willie November 28, 2003
Big booty usually a big one that is very "velupcuious"(not spelled right).ba dunka dunk
That way you shake that "junk in da trunk" it turns me out.
#junk #booty #but #ass #ba dunka dunk
by MonkeyPimp March 18, 2006
referring to the amount of "material" in one's ass
Yo, da hoe gots a lotta junk in da trunk
by angel4325 September 04, 2004
that ass is packed with a multitude of flesh. a gaping butthole
man she got some junk in da trunk
by brad October 06, 2004
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