Top Definition
A crazy mother fucker.
Did you see Franco at the bar the other night?

Yeah, he glassed a punter. He's a total Jungle Cat.
by Curry Sanchez November 15, 2010
Another Name for a black person
Eric: Yo why are we in brentwood?
Murph: I know right, mad jungle cats
by Jungle Catzzz January 25, 2011
Women who prefers or pursues African men.
That cougar is acting more like a Jungle Cat.
That Jungle Cat is looking for some Jungle Love....
by January 11, 2013
one who is obsessed with cheetah prints, very tiny, and quite fiesty ;)
ayooo junglecat how ya durn??

you look like a junglecat with those prints

you hot junglecat
by JuNgLeCattt1 August 29, 2010

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