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A Spaceship seen in AD 2101
Take off every zig. You know what you doing. Move zig. For great justice.
by Cats September 20, 2003
A Mortal Kombat 3 move where an opponent turns into a baby. Spelled with building block letters.
Finish Him!
Scorpion Wins!
by Cats October 19, 2003
Myrrh is a magical dewdrop from a myrrh tree used to refresh a town's crystal so then the town is safe from miasma. although the crystal must be refreshed every year, the trees will have a new drop every two years.
The heroes from Tipa move their caravan to find myrrh to save their town. But the miasma can be removed. It will be a very long journey since you'll need your chalis to have the unknown element.
by Cats April 18, 2004
1: Darkside of the legendary hero in terranigma

2: Kerri's boyfrend
1: Ark is really cool when he uses the hero pike

2: Ark has a crush on kerri.
by Cats April 18, 2004
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