Like the soda, a crush. A person you recognize as the final piece of your emotional puzzle. They provide mental security for the future, they offer a beautiful tomorrow, they arouse the kind of moments one could only enjoy through imagination....but they just aren't there yet, they are acquiantances or friends, passerbys or classmates....a wish, a gorgeous prospect, one who is the option that is forever left in the hands of circumstance...never assurance
Brooke is my orange soda, I wish she was just accepting of seeing me more than just as a guy who talks but a guy that is willing to listen. I don't love her, but I love what she is. Only if I could let her know.
by NightingaleDupree April 03, 2016
A real beautiful girl that you would eat or drink & you know it would be very tasty also kel's favorite drink in the classic nick show"Kenan & Kel"
Baby girl you orange soda😋👅.
by Jaythetrillest July 25, 2014
The staple drink of hispanics, usually of mexican origin.
Juan: Eyyy Pacooo! Throw me a drink!
Paco: All I have is orange soda.
Juan: Bitch, what the fuck else do you think I drink?!
by Meagan1234876543 October 19, 2008
necking. if some one is extremely horny, and they're eating, you would yell "orange soda". usually used by girls
dude you're way too hungry
ORANGE SODA check out that hot ass guy
by SLiMshADy dzz March 22, 2005
When winning a jinx an orange soda is a keyword for blow job.
Jinx you owe me an orange soda.
by Etingiva November 05, 2015
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