A day that is unjustly hated by urbandictionary because it was not granted a word of the day.
What did July 5th ever do to urbandictionary? :(
by Xizor July 10, 2008
Top Definition
July 5th is Pakistani Daughter Independence Day.

On this day, Pakistani Daughters are free to makeout with any white guy they choose.

They are free from any repercussion that may arise from their fathers.

It has been kept secret by Pakistani fathers for hundreds of years. Instead of mistletoe, the Pakistani daughters hang bowls of Buttered Chicken from the ceiling, and any white guy that happens to stand other the Buttered Chicken gets to makeout with the Pakistani Daughter.
Dude, I just stood under the Buttered Chicken mistletoe and madeout with that hot Pakistani chick over there...amazing! July 5th is better than Christmas!
Adjective. Used to describe a person who is in the middle of an Xtremely long drought and appears to reject all offer of drinks, despite claiming that they are thirsty. Possibly also trying to set a world record for the longest dry spell in history.
Nature is doing a July 5th, what a weaven
by XtremeX May 27, 2005
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