first thing that comes to hot o man is that man ever sexy.

Let's add on the fact that he's the lead singer for the strokes and the fact that whenever you look into those beautiful smouldering eyes you just want to jump on him, and what have you got...????

...well plainly put, a rock god. Actually that doesn't do him justice...let's add in the magic word....a rock/sex god.
staring at that picture on your ceiling sure makes waking up ten times better
by Monica P. April 26, 2004
See beautiful

Julian Casablancas is an amazing songwriter and singer, in a great band, who isn't just beautiful, he is also an amazing person. He hates pringles, yet at the end of an interview that is the only thing left on a reciept he leaves, he covers up the fact that he is insecure with heavy drinking. His lyrics are catching and intelligent, with meaning, but not too much. I highly respect Julian Casablancas, and is one of my favorite people.
Julian Casablancas is a alluring handsome man, and an amazing singing voice. He is a very skilled song writer.
by Courtenay Fraser June 10, 2004
Astonishingly sexy and radiant as a singer/song writer. His overpowering glow, which illuminates audiences world wide is the undoubtable lure for the crowds.

A 'one look and your hooked' kinda guy. And with a voice like that, the world should feel privileged that they can bask in the knowledge and presence of the legend that is Sir Casablancas.
Be thankful that you know of him. And may there be enough Julian to go around in all of our dreams - the nights just arnt long enough to accomadate his essence.
by Jodie 2NORTI Nicole January 31, 2004
A beautiful man of spanish/danish decent. The lead singer to one of the greatest bands ever, The Strokes! His kind eyes and lucious lips are enough to make any girl swoon!
I truly love Julian Casablancas
by jonsey01 January 12, 2004
A lovely young man who enjoys the luxuries of vintage/garage styles and writing wonderful songs about love. Example New York City Cops. The Julian has a wonderful voice and pretty puppy dog eyes that match his hot-sex puppy thighs. He plays in a band that hails from New York city called The Strokes
Julian gazed at the crowd with his sexy eyes.
by Jade October 14, 2003
Jules is the sexiest rock'n'roll singer in the world!!!!
Jules sings not only very well, but also he can hypnotize you when he is on the stage and it seems that he says:" I want to you in my bed!!!!!"
by alex December 19, 2003
Singer/songwriter of the Indie Rock band The Strokes. He's about 6 foot, with big brown eyes, and is one of the most gorgeous men in the world. He drinks, smokes, and is easy what more can you can for?
Julian Casablancas is amazing.
by Jennifer April 14, 2004

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