A cute and short nickname for Julie, Julia, Julietta, Juliet, Julianna, etc.
Adam: Hey Julie!
Julie: I SAID, call me Jules.
Adam: Oh alright, Hey Jules!

(wow what a retarded example :] )
by BBY J June 20, 2005
Jules is a hunky piece of man-flesh who also happens to be a genuine, fun-loving guy who makes people laugh on a daily basis. He is a Rick Grimes fanboy, dedicated enough to grow a beard to impersonate him on muck up day, favourite colour is islamic green. He is a definitely a one-of-a-kind kind of guy who really cannot be defined.
Wow, I've found myself a Jules.
by puglover09 May 14, 2015
pretty much just an albino twig with bug eyes, has a really small dick, thinks he's cool
How did Jules get her to suck his dick? He's literally an albino twig
by j_ernstables June 05, 2016
A wonderful girl who gives you the most warm feeling when around her. She's funny, bubbly, smart and such a sweet beautiful girl. Jules is a girl who you can love forever.
Man, Chris really loves Jules
by Chrisiul21 May 07, 2016
n. slang
the sexiest singer in the world... i love him, my buddie Bettina touched his butt wen they came in concert. see the strokes and Julian Casablancas
i scramed "father my baby" when i saw Jules
by ACrappyPseudonym April 28, 2004
A name given to a deceitful man who is so insecure with himself he feels the needs to put others down and sleep around to make himself feel loved. A sad sad little man who will never grow up
Jules is Julian - a spolit child
by beanjuiceinacan February 16, 2010
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