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1. Quirky. Does things out of the ordinary.
2. Hot girl with bold looks.
3. Changes.
1. "My girlfriend is so fun and random, she is such a Jule."
2. Flower dress with dark eye make-up is so Jule.
3. "I never know what to expect, you're a real Jule."
by mumbajumba July 18, 2011
33 7
n. slang
the sexiest singer in the world... i love him, my buddie Bettina touched his butt wen they came in concert. see the strokes and Julian Casablancas
i scramed "father my baby" when i saw Jules
by ACrappyPseudonym April 28, 2004
66 98
A name given to a deceitful man who is so insecure with himself he feels the needs to put others down and sleep around to make himself feel loved. A sad sad little man who will never grow up
Jules is Julian - a spolit child
by beanjuiceinacan February 16, 2010
27 71
A nickname that can be used for anyone at any time or place.
'Sup jules?
by the_writer_side June 22, 2004
46 115
A very large pimple on one's face and or neck.
Oh no! right before prom and I have a Jules!!!
by Allison29 May 12, 2008
14 135