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A player in Call of Duty 4 online that uses the Juggernaut perk. Their health is increased, making them harder to kill. Anyone who uses this perk is considered a n00b and is looked down upon.
Thief11 killed me before I could kill him; he was using Juggernaut. What a juggernoob.
by MAJORpizzayne February 18, 2008
Juggernoob, also Juggernaut Noob - refers to the recent Call of Duty 4 and more recently Call of Duty: World at War. Refers to players who when creating a custom class online in multiplayer, apply the Juggernaut as one of their three perks in the class. Juggernaut adds much increased health to said player and makes it much more difficult to kill, thus resulting in much, much annoyance by 99.99% of the population playing the game.
"oh my god that juggernoob, it took a whole clip and a half to kill him!"
"stupid pussy using juggernaut, he's such a total juggernoob"
by SilentLoneWolf December 21, 2008
a name for someone who overuses Juggernaut in the First person-shooter, call of duty 4. Juggernaut is the most annoying perk in the game with Martydom right behind it, allowing the player to DOUBLE their health. often annoying players the right to have a basic 1-hit kill or normal kill.
Sniper: I see you
(Gun shot, hit, juggernaut sign, guy survives and runs away)
by Medina.Dean July 20, 2008
Person who always uses Juggernaut in COD4, normally a newbie. Combo of Juggernaut Newbie.
"That Time2Roll is a noob. He is always using Jugger-Noob" or "F'ing Dogboy. Thinks he is good but he is just a Jugger-Noob. He might be Gay"
by Time2Roll October 03, 2008

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