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3 definitions by MAJORpizzayne

A player in Call of Duty 4 online that uses the Juggernaut perk. Their health is increased, making them harder to kill. Anyone who uses this perk is considered a n00b and is looked down upon.
Thief11 killed me before I could kill him; he was using Juggernaut. What a juggernoob.
by MAJORpizzayne February 18, 2008
98 17
Camping is the act of waiting in some sort of hiding spot in a online multiplayer game and killing people as they come by. Usually results in a high kill score and low death score. Most used in call of duty 4.
OMG, that n00b was camping in the alley and pwned me!
by MAJORpizzayne February 18, 2008
1 11
A person of Ethiopian nationality. They usually try to steal food from the U.S. and other first world countries. Very skinny. Can be used to describe someone who is very skinny.
Kevin is such an Ethiopian!
by MAJORpizzayne February 23, 2008
94 401