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The German word for Jews.
"Juden beseitegen!"

And no, that's not MY quote.
by Steagles June 06, 2006
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It means Jew in German. I use it as an insult.
"You see this? ||Points to necklace Star of David to German P.O.W.s|| Juden!...Juuuuuden!"
by SC.Zee October 01, 2003
1. German for "Jew," plural. "Jude" is the singular variant. "Juden" can also mean "Jewish." Thus, "Juden" can either be used for "Jews" or "Jewish."

2. A slang term, used in much the same way "Jewish" is used by Americans. It signifies greed, and/or cheapness.
1. Die Juden wohnen auf Israel.

2. Das ist Juden.
by Amerikaner August 24, 2006
The German word for Jewish person, pronounced Yoo-din. When used in the correct context, it can be made to sound quite funny, even though it's not really supposed to be.
Bananaman: -points- Juden Juuuden! Juuuden!
Angry Tourist: What's wrong with you? That's insulting!
Bananaman: -sigh- You just have to like Jew Jokes, I guess.
by RoboTribble April 26, 2006
Someone who never pays for food, movie tickets or booz. Historians say the correct translation was lost centuries ago.
In East San Jose, juden is a very known individual who has the dream of being the first woman sent to the sun.
Carlos Rodriquez: Hey Anthony, pay for my fourty and my fish tacos yea.
Anthony: Hell no juden!
by iiAnferny June 29, 2010
German for "Jew".

Leet-speak version of "jew", which is already used as an insult to anbody when talking in leet.
I just pwned your ass, juden!
by Flint October 25, 2003

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