The jiz that a guy uses as lube to masturbate a second time right after he just got done masturbating.
After using the last of his lotion to masturbate and still being horny, the man had to resort to jube in order to get off the second time.
by jdubb4444 January 15, 2011
Pubic hairs found in the anal region. A combination of the word jobby and pube.
Josh: Damn! I got a dangleberry stuck in my jubes!

Craig: I don't get that anymore, I shaved mine.
by JubeMaster69 September 08, 2014
the act of skeeting on something
Bro i jubed all over the place
by jubemaster October 02, 2008
Soft Jelly like lolly
I like to eat Sour Jubes
by J March 14, 2004
Originally stemming from Hackey Sack when a session is being had, ie: "Now We're Jubin`" or "Let's Jube It"..can also be used to describe anything else someone is doing exceptionally well at.
yo, that chick can jube.
by Mattruss May 05, 2003
summer event in PC NS. like christmas only better. getting shittered is a must.
hey! you going to get shittered at Jube?
by pictoucounty123 July 29, 2011
A Jewish person's pubic hair, and or any person's pubic hair, shaped like a Jew-Fro.
"Damn, check out Evan's jubes!"

"I bet that Rabbi is rocking some sweet jubes!
by Cocaine Charlie May 24, 2011

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