A mix of ginger and pubes, used to describe someone with ginger pubes
Melissa: Lets go swimming

Beth: yes, are you going to wear your swimming costume?

Melissa: Yes

Beth: well make sure you have shaved your jubes then
by Mellybabez July 09, 2010
Jewish pubic hair. Term is most commonly used in reference to the curly dark hairs that will congregate along the rim of the toilet bowl in a Jewish bachelor's studio apartment.
"By the number of jubes on the rim of the toilet, it was apparent Moishe hadn't cleaned the bathroom for quite a few Shabbats."
by WizardofOzdil June 28, 2007
Soft Jelly like lolly
I like to eat Sour Jubes
by J March 14, 2004
A condom.
Have you got a jube? Im out.
by suggasweet February 20, 2009
the act of skeeting on something
Bro i jubed all over the place
by jubemaster October 02, 2008
Originally stemming from Hackey Sack when a session is being had, ie: "Now We're Jubin`" or "Let's Jube It"..can also be used to describe anything else someone is doing exceptionally well at.
yo, that chick can jube.
by Mattruss May 05, 2003
summer event in PC NS. like christmas only better. getting shittered is a must.
hey! you going to get shittered at Jube?
by pictoucounty123 July 29, 2011

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