an affectionate way of saying doob, as in joint or blunt etc, in a way that most people will not understand, can be used singular jube or plural jubes. can also mean weed on it's own but must be said jubes, cannot be singular.
yo jade, wanna go an smoke a jube over by that lemur exhibit,


you mike wanna go and pick up some jubes of our dealer?
by cheetothadizzle April 16, 2009
Liquid LSD on small sugar candies
John: "These jubes had me tripping for days mothafucka!"
Fred: "Yea they had a couple drops on them."
by skunkfly January 06, 2008
the cock or vaginal hair of a member of the jewish religion
the jubes on your face were scaring the complete shhit out of me because it was obvious you had oral sex with a jew
by tommy and mike January 31, 2007
jubes is a collabiration between two words and dates back at least 3 years at the time or writing this.

the meaning or location of these words have been lost over time and now "Jubes" is just who you are
I am the only Jubes there are no examples.
by Dr Grinspoon December 12, 2003
Once restricted to connotate comraderie between fellow Jews, now used more commonly in place of "dude" or "man."
Hey jube, how are you?
by John Beeler November 16, 2003
My nickname, I also go by "Big Jube", "Juberpea" and "Ube".
Homie:"Hey,Jube let's go eat some food!"

Jube: "AIGHT!"
by Julie-Ann Briggs April 02, 2005
An insult. Slang term for calling someone a jew. Also spelled Joobee, joobe, jewbe, jubee.
"You fuckin jube." "what's up jube?"
"Quit being such a jube."
by Kraut April 04, 2005

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