jubble: a substance quite like that of fat, however it is far denser than fat and can lead to large health problems.
there are many examples, just look around you, at women with huge saggy tits, theyre filled with jubble, or large arses. However it is best summed up by looking at a sealion.
by beaverdev May 17, 2006
Top Definition
A small little creature that has no arms to stubby legs one tooth and resembles a Jack-O-lantern. they travel in packs eat human kidneys and only come out during Halloween. They are neither fast nor strong however make up for this with stealth Jubbles live in hives of 20 and travel in packs of 4 in the hives they have a human like leader usually a fat "person". you can determine a fat man from a Jubble leader by their linguistic skills if they slur their words often and are baffled by their own language.
waddafa is that a Jubble!!!
by Slayjax October 28, 2009
Verb. To jiggle jubs.
I jubbled her mams all night.
by voxmatt April 01, 2008
to fondle balls in one hand, usually by alternating use of the pinky and index fingers to lift each ball in quick succession. The action is similar to the "woogity" greeting performed by the characters on the Nickelodeon show "Rocket Power", but instead of the second party's hand, balls. The action can be applied to other testicularly shaped objects in pairs as well as balls.
"Hey, come 'ere and let me jubble your balls"

"I love the way she was jubbling those kumquats"
by Pantomime Horse October 17, 2010
the puffy fat that hangs over the back of a women's underwear; can be seen as a bulge through her shorts/pants.
Her jubble was so pronounced it was like she was wearing her daughter's bikini underwear.
by missrobinri June 28, 2010
The result of when Drum'N'Bass artists cash-in on the popularity of Dubstep. Jungle + Wobble = Jubble
That new Bad Boy Bill track is some proper Jubble!
by wiinus November 03, 2010
to jubble: means to collect and trade any digital stuff, which is worth to be jubbled - the one who collects is a jubbler
i would like to jubble my car-stickers with many other jubblers around the world
by peterjubble May 11, 2007
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