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subtle code-word for very nice breasts
hey man, look at those...JUBBLIES!
by C-man July 03, 2002
Siberian corset is a double meaning word.
1. A corset with origins in Siberia.
2. A cock ring.
1."Siberian corsets make your penis bigger!"
2."If you live in Siberia, you will probably get a corset that was made in siberia! They're called Siberian Corsets!"
by C-man February 09, 2005
flammible; can burn.
matches are nonspontaneously combustible
#flammible #inflammible #combustible #non-combustible #fire
by c-man June 18, 2006
talking extreme non-sense or way out in left field stupidity; Bathtub in Jello is very common among pot smokers
wow, that was for sure a bathtub in jello
by C-man July 16, 2002
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